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Unfortunately the Circular prot. 1246.U99 of 03/06/1999 sent to the Presidents of all Order recites: "the actual dispositions of the Deontological Code of pharmacist (Art. 19) and of the Rule of the Publicity of the Pharmacy (Artt. 1,2,3 and 4) they don't allow forms of publicity that isn't conform to the norms of the rule of the publicity, they forbid promotional actions to the hoarding of clientele, and they forbid, in the communications spread through mass-media, to allow that they are showing elements to allow to individualize the pharmacies... They invite Order themselves to appraise, under the disciplinary profile, if towards the responsible ones some aforesaid pharmacies subsist the extreme of violation of deontological norms above they recall.
However, this limitation doesn't forbid us to send an appeal to the internet surfers: Certainly it is possible to acquire on internet, but we advise to not do it for medicines.
  • The medicines are not consumer goods.
  • they must be acquired when they are necessary and with the suggestion of qualified personnel.
  • when they serve, is necessary to have them available immediately.
What is better of the pharmacy next your house to acquire medicines?

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