Rule Of Discipline Of the Advertising of the Pharmacy.
Approved From the National Council. February 2 nd 1996; Circular Of the FOFI N. 4985 February 12 th 1996.
Purpose Of the Rule Of the Publicity
The rule of the publicity has the purpose to assure that the publicity is realized as service for the information of the public, with special respect to its influence on the consumer. The Rule individualizes activities in contrast with aforesaid finalities. For how much not expressly suitable in the present Rule remains the obligation of the pharmacist to conform the proper behavior to the principles of professional correctness.
To the effects of the Rule the term «publicity» includes every relative communication to products or services what that they are the used means. The «produced» term includes any object of the advertising communication and he intends therefore wide also to the service, method, treatment and similar. The term «message» includes any form of presentation to the public of the product and he intends therefore wide also to the packing, to the wrapping and containers generally. The term «consumer» understands every person which is addressed the advertising message or that who is susceptible to receive it.
Article 1
It is forbidden the reported publicity to the professional ability of the single express chemist through any mean.
every action directed to the solicitation of the question of medicines is forbidden with or without obligation of medical or veterinary prescription included the medicines for self-medication, out of the publicity authorized by the Department of the Health.
The publicity of the parapharmaceuticals products, sold on the base of the authorization to the exercise of the pharmacy or on town authorization to the commerce, he is allowed in the forms and in the limits foreseen by the actual normative, it is forbidden however to associate in commercial statements and in promotional initiatives to the parapharmaceuticals products anywhere publicized, the social reason and the firm of the pharmacy, the pharmacist's name and the address of the pharmacy.
every action of propaganda is forbidden or in any case promotional turned to the hoarding of clientele.
Article 2
To be informed, are allowed for the respect of the law of the citizens, in the limits and according to established followings formalities, to make the public known to data and cognitive, truthful and correct elements, relative to the services lent to developed activities, to the present departments in the pharmacy.
The complex of information and every of them, that can be furnished the pharmacy exclusively to interior shot, owe rigorously to be exempted by emphatically gotten through , imaginations, symbols, wordings and anybody else mean, having respect particularly to the exclusion of comparisons and the boast of achievable results.
It is allowed and desirable the assumption of initiatives to purpose the promotion of campaign of prevention and sanitary education.
Article 3
Announce informative of which article, can be spread exclusively to the public through the followings means of communication:
a) Insignias: except specific norms springing from laws, rules and ordinances, the insignia of the pharmacy must bring accompanied Pharmacy to the wording or less from the social reason, from historical and professional symbols. They can be exposed in manner separate reported indications to the existence in the pharmacy of particular departments. The insignias to flag in form of cross inserted on the fa‡ade and however on the building of the pharmacy they are compulsories.
b) indicative Poster also in form of directional arrow: they can contain name only, social reason for the pharmacy, address, telephon number, distance, symbol, professional badge, and they will be installed exclusively in the territorial circle of the pharmaceutical center of anticipated pertinence in Organic Plant.
c) Yearbooks, telephone directories, yellow pages, city guides, sanitary guides: The texts must be stamped excluding whatever typographic differentiation between the different pharmacies, and they can bring alone relative indications to the name, to the social reason to the address to the I deliver telephone and to the schedules of opening of the pharmacy. The insertions must not contain panels or underlines, of it graphic, sketches, figures or particular symbols. The insertion can be effected in the town of location of the pharmacy exclusively on the telephone directories.
d) counter paper, envelopes, pouches, door-books, containers generally and calendars: they can contain name only, social reason, address, delivers telephone schedules of opening and reported indications to the existence in the pharmacy of particular departments.
e) audiovisual and computer Systems: you/they can be situated the pharmacy exclusively to interior shot, except that doesn't point out the turns of opening of the neighboring pharmacies, they can contain the name only in that case, social reason for the pharmacy, address, delivers telephone, schedules of opening, reported indications to the existence in the pharmacy of particular departments and sanitary information of public interest.
The pharmacists can distribute to the public in the pharmacy publications of sanitary character on which can be brought name exclusively, firm, social reason, address and I deliver telephone of the single pharmacy.
Article 4
In any type of information, diffused through mass media, that indirectly can have promotional effects of the pharmacy and the pharmacist (interviews, declarations, journalistic services, index books, chronicles, accounts of conferences and demonstrations, articles or transmissions scientific technician), the presence or the quotation, citation of the professional must respect the limits of the pure communication of objective news, excluded every emphatisation or comparison of develops activity.
It is forbidden in such occasions the indication of the address of the pharmacy or elements that can allow the individualization of it.
Article 5
It is absolutely forbidden the exposure of whatever relative communication to the single Pharmacy in the studies, medical surgeries and veterinarians, clinics and sanitary structures generally.
It is also absolutely forbidden the exposure in the Pharmacy of any relative communication to studies, medical surgeries and veterinarians, clinics and sanitary structures generally.
The anticipated cases in the preceding commas, are allowed the alone exposure of poster exposed in strength of intercategorial accords finalized to furnish a service to the citizen in both.
The pharmacy can not authorize to allow the mention of the own social reason to of it in commercial statements of firms.
Article 6
they are allowed relative communications to countries of prevention or sanitary education established from the State or from the Region or from competent public Corporate body in sanitary subject or from the Organizations of the Chemists, or from these last patronize however, and the communications having character of urgency to guardianship of public health and safety.
Transitory norm
For the publicities you don't conform to the present rule, for which is stipulated the contracts, it is allowed the prosecution actually December 31 st 1996 to condition that is communicated to the professional order, to mean recommended a.r., cancels it some same contract within June 30 th 1996. The other publicity doesn't conform to the present Rule must be eliminated within 31 December 1996.
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